Tree Planting Landscaping

Tree planting landscaping is a beautiful way to take home or business property from barren to pleasant.

Landscaping with trees provides many benefits, including:

  • Trees create shade to cool your home or business in summer.
  • Trees provide windbreaks to reduce cold winds in winter.
  • You are reducing your energy bills.

If you decide to plant the trees on your own, there are some essential matters to consider in order not to lose your investment:

  • Improve your soil to help the new trees survive in the long-term.
  • Ensure the hole is the proper depth.  Trees planted too deep or too shallow shorten the tree’s life expectancy.
  • If staking is necessary, know when to remove them.  Too soon and the tree grows crooked or topples in harsh weather.  Too late and the tree will not develop a strong trunk and root system.

There are many types of trees native to Virginia that you can use for your tree planting landscaping.  It depends on how high you want your trees and what look you desire.  Going with native trees gives you a success advantage because they are best suited to the region.  Here are a few to research:

American Hophornbeam

Topping out at 25 to 40 feet, this slow-growing tree thrives in full sun or part shade. It is incredibly resilient to drought.  It works well for tree planting landscaping because the Hophornbeam erupts into white catkins in April, and the leaves change to yellow and reddish-orange in fall. In winter, the unusual reddish, flaking bark adds a little seasonal interest.

American Sycamore

This fast-growing, large canopy tree can reach heights of 75 to 100 feet, so it needs a lot of space. It has lush, green leaves and tolerates wet and saturated soils. Fall colors hit sycamores early, and so does leaf fall.

Eastern Redbud

Fast-growing and beautifully shaped, redbud trees are fantastic trees. Growing as high as 30 feet, the umbrella-shaped canopy is typically as wide as the tree is high. From April to May, the branches of this ornamental tree burst into brilliant color with tight clusters of deep pink flowers.   Native to riverbanks and woodlands, redbud trees prefer well-drained soils that are moist and fertile.

Scarlet Oak

This is one of the faster-growing oak trees, making it an ideal shade tree for the yard. Long-lived and tolerant of a wide range of soils, the scarlet oak grows to 115 feet with a 40-50 foot spread. With yellowish-green catkins in the spring, reddish-brown acorns in summer, and brilliant scarlet foliage in the fall, this is a tree for all seasons.

Other considerations for your tree planting landscaping are:

  • Sourwood
  • Sweetbay Magnolia
  • River Birch
  • Red Maple

If you are looking to improve your property with tree planting landscaping, we can give you a ton of great ideas and make it happen!

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