Spring Planting Palette: Landscaping with Vibrant Flowers

As winter’s chill wanes, Northern Virginia property owners anticipate the first flush of spring color. Spring planting is a ritual that rejuvenates gardens, and understanding what to plant is key to a season-long display of blossoms. Here, we’ll explore flowers ideal for our area, describe each, and suggest complementary plants.

Annuals for Immediate Impact

Annual planting offers immediate gratification with vibrant colors and varieties that fill gaps while perennials mature.

Pansies and Violas – These cheerful flowers come in a plethora of colors, making them versatile for any garden theme. They pair well with spring bulbs like tulips and daffodils, whose bold colors echo the vibrancy of the pansies.

Petunias – Known for their trumpet-shaped flowers, petunias provide a cascade of hues. Complement them with silver-leaved plants like dusty miller to create a striking contrast.

Snapdragons – Tall and stately, snapdragons add height and texture. Nestle them among low-growing groundcovers such as creeping phlox for a layered effect.

A colorful display of snapdragon flowers in full bloom.
Snapdragons add a burst of color to spring gardens with their towering blooms.

Perennials for Lasting Beauty

Perennial planting is an investment in the future, as these plants return each year with greater fervor.

Peonies – With lush foliage and large, fragrant blooms, peonies are springtime showstoppers. They are perfect companions for fine-textured plants like ferns, which highlight the peonies’ robust form.

Irises – The distinct shape of iris blooms adds sophistication. Grass-like plants such as daylilies offer textural contrast and share similar care requirements, making maintenance a breeze.

Vibrant purple irises with yellow accents blooming among green foliage.
Majestic purple irises stand proudly, showcasing their unique beauty in a spring setting.

Columbine – The intricate flowers of columbine are a magnet for hummingbirds. Pair these with hostas, whose broad leaves provide a solid backdrop for the delicate columbine blooms.

Adding a Professional Touch with a Plant Installer

For those less inclined to dig into the dirt themselves, a professional plant installer can be invaluable. They understand the intricacies of flower planting, from soil preparation to plant selection, ensuring your garden is a success from the start.


Embracing spring planting transforms your property into a tapestry of color. With careful selection of annuals and perennials, complemented by the expertise of a plant installer, your garden will not only captivate the eye but also become a haven for local wildlife. As the spring season unfolds, your landscape will stand as a testament to the beauty that thoughtful planting can achieve.